Connecting the Dots

hand painted with screen filler

l have been working a lot with the idea of layers and am really enjoying making simple screens using screen filler and sometimes screen filler and drawing fluid. The screen you see on the bottom of the image is straight screen filler and it allowed me to print the red through the negative space.

I have printed this screen the length of the fabric and left the space between the image and the frame blank, as the image does not make an aligned repeat. Instead I am just filling in the missing pieces by hand and creating my own "faux repeat". The image on the left shows the blank space the large central loop on the bottom was hand painted.  You can see on the left that I have just added more shapes. This solves the problem or repeat for me and allows me to just make it up as I go along. If you look to the image on the right you'll notice that I have added additional loops in the empty space.
It is a one of a kind piece so why not improvise as you go along?

I am heading to Ireland for a workshop in a week and the center looping screen makes me think of Celtic Art meets up with The Jetsons. You get the sense of a repeat without it actually being one. Can't wait to see how this raw silk washes out.  It is 45"x 72" I love working in layers.