Complements to the Rescure

When I left yesterday I was hoping that I would hate the blue and red border less when I returned today to wash it out. Alas over night batching did nothing to make me like this better. So I had to resort to my risky but handy technique of calling in COMPLEMENTS TO THE RESCUE!

I decided to roll a blue green along the boarder and while I was at it I added diagonals to visually connect from one side to the other. All a little scary as I had liked what was there.

Decided to just save a small strip of the blue and red. The new dyes are sill very wet in this photo.

It is helpful that I have worked enough with the dyes to realize how much lighter they will dry. But that still remains a bit of a guess.

I am much happier now, and think I can leave this alone to batch in peace. I will post after it is washed out. The white that you see in the dark blue violet loops is soda ash. I always wonder how much my light blue drop cloth influences my color choices? A question for another day.