Millenial Pink / NPR

NPR is my default listening especially while driving so I was intrigued when the question on Ask Me Another was "when will Millennial Pink" go away.   The answer was no time soon. It seems it has taken fashion by storm and looks good on most people. When I got home I googled it and thought it looked a lot like "Ballet Slipper Pink" which Pantone had pushed for spring of 2017. Well which ever, it is a color that I have been using in lots of my more recent scarves and I am loving it.

It plays well with others and allows me to continue to explore my passion for building layers and textures.  These are posted in sequential order. This bottom one is still on the table batching. This is a cropped image of the center. It is a 60" square. I just love how versatile this color is in combination with a full range of other colors. Here's to #Millennial Pink .